Creating impact in the not-for-profit sector through the power of our digital solutions.

Not for Profit Organisations

At The Massive Collective, we genuinely believe in the value Not for Profit & Non-Government Organisations bring to our communities across Aotearoa. The creation of the Whakamana Digital Enablement Platform was a key driver in us providing support for those doing good in our communities.

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Whakamana’s non profit digital solutions

We are committed to helping Not for Profit and the social sector fulfils their missions and accelerate their digital transformation for nonprofits.

The Massive Collective is proud to bring our collective 30+ years of experience helping social sector organisations across industries help nonprofits unlock affordable digital nonprofit solutions.

Data Tikanga and Data Sovereignty are important to us - so we have created solutions with the option of hosting nearshore in Australia or onshore here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Below are some services and products we offer to whakamana organisations like yours


Whakanoa - Website & Application Hosting

Creating and maintaining your digital presence and be challenging for organisations. Whakanoa can tautoko you, empowering your success with your website or application.


Kapua - Data Sovereign Cloud File Storage

Working in the cloud has become the default way of supporting organisations to work in modern ways. Kapua provides a data-sovereign & secure way of achieving your needs.


Whakaruru - Secure Password Management

Managing passwords is hard! Whakaruru provides a secure way to share passwords and other confidential information between your kaimahi in a centralised way.


Whakahaere - Reliable Email Hosting

Email is critical to all organisations. Whakahaere is our enterprise solution to deliver a secure, robust, reliable mission-critical service solution fit for purpose for your organisation.


Content Authoring

Creating rich content can be difficult for organisations whose core focus is mainly in the field. We tautoko these organisations by utilising our experienced kaimahi to bolster your digital content.


Social Media Marketing

Getting your message across in a clear, concise manner is difficult. Organisations often underestimate what's required to reach their core audience. We can tautoko to ensure your message is out.

Let's kōrero

We are here to whakamana your organisation and kaimahi. If there is anything we can do, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form to the side, or via the details below.

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